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Ceramicx Centre for Infrared Innovation – C2I2.

09 October, 2013

New Ceramicx expertise available – at the Centre

This month concludes with another red letter day with the opening of the new Ceramicx Centre for Infrared Innovation – C2I2.

A finely tuned ear might pick out a subliminal robotic reference around the new name. No mistake there, since our new IR energy mapping instrument complete with ABB robot will be at the heart of the new work.

We have christened our new IR instrument “The Herschel”; named after Sir Frederick William Herschel, the German-born British Astronomer, Musician and Polymath and the first to discover Infrared Radiation

Dr. Gerard McGranaghan, Senior Development Engineer at Ceramicx will be the Operations Manager for our new Centre. Dr. Gerard brings over 23 years of engineering experience from workshop skills through to cutting edge-research. He comes to us via the Dr Tony Robinson connection at Trinity College Dublin. You can read all about Gerard and his new role in the latest edition of HeatWorks magazine (just contact Ceramicx directly for your copy).

Suffice to say here that our new Centre is open for business and that our first research report – 3D Heat Flux Comparative Mapping Study – is available on application to Dr Gerard at Ceramicx. The 24 page report, the first of many, details the results of a series of comparative tests of Ceramicx heating elements. In addition to generating leading edge heat research our new Centre will also be available for contract work, single company and multi-client; and online production troubleshooting and problem solving.

We will also undertake prototyping and project build. Dr Gerard’s track record and expertise is primarily in ‘design and build’ heat transfer projects for clients – work that Ceramicx and the new Centre will increasingly be involved in over the coming months.

In effect, Ceramicx is fast-becoming a leading provider of expert technical knowledge, contributing to designing whole system solutions and creating high value added products and services.

Not only are we manufacturing and supplying best-in-class heating components around the world we are also matching that with the best in project design, machinery/production line build and heat systems know-how.

The resources at our new Centre are being geared to stretch the imagination of heat engineers and designers the world over. If your company is currently designing processes and your new system involves any kind of heatwork (including IR-based technology ) – simply get in touch with Ceramicx Industrial heat consultants. We are sure to be able to assist you in some way and we look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks again.

Dr. Cáthál Wilson

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