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Automotive harness technology

27 August, 2014

Ceramicx has always set great store by its relationship with 1st Tier suppliers to OEMs in a number of manufacturing sectors. The automotive industry is key in that regard and leading auto-supplier Mecalbi has become a valued Ceramicx partner, with the relationship going from strength to strength.

Mecalbi international sales to the automotive trade have been going very well recently – and particularly to South American manufacturers. Ceramicx business has accordingly nearly quadrupled through the course of 2014. The Ceramicx ‘clam shell’ design of IR heater has undergone a number of new specifications and improvements and further developments are in the pipeline.

Harness wirings for the automotive industries comprise a good deal of the value-added content for any given car. Ceramicx infrared heat technology and hardware now helps provide Mecalbi with the accuracy and reliability needed in order to perfectly execute its Shrinking Tube Control Systems (STCS) for the supply of automotive wire harness production.

Bearing in mind the high production rates of the harness industry the Portuguese based company is using Ceramicx to design and supply oven solutions with a very high degree of robustness and reliability and accuracy. A bespoke solution was required.

The Irish/Portuguese partnership involved the development of 2 new solutions: quartz resistors for Mecalbi’s STCS-CS 19 and STCS-RT machines, with the objective of providing a failsafe solution since the traditional and previous arrangement was easily damaged by the cable’s terminals. The second project involved building a small infrared oven for the STCS-IR500 and STCS-RCM machines, with the objective of providing high stability and energy efficiency.

Both solutions required strict specifications in terms of power, temperature, dimensions, stability and reliability.

After fulfilling client expectations Mecalbi used its new infrared ovens in its STCS-RCM machine for the validation of the machine in one of its major customers. The new technology was received very enthusiastically, passing all the validation tests with flying colours.


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