Ceramicx technology boosts composites

14 March, 2017

Ceramicx work in Composite polymer moulding and Drapeforming is helping shape the modern composites industry

Looking back at the current scope of our Ceramicx composite related work it seems hardly credible to me that these materials really only began making an impact on our corporate horizon from late 2013.

We have, of course, been working in the key aerospace and automotive industries for many many years prior to that time and before significant discussions and orders took place.
Today Ceramicx stands on the threshold of our 1st JEC exhibition, Paris, March 14-16. We expect to be fielding lots of enquiries about our new Vector oven in the making and its abilities with Drapeforming heat processing.
There can be no doubt about the growing role of carbon reinforced and glass reinforced polymer technology worldwide. At a recent meeting organised by Composites UK, it was expressed that the prospects and future growth figures for the global aerospace industries are phenomenal.

For those looking to pick up the thread from the beginning, HeatWorks XI issue contains the beginnings of the Ceramicx composites story.
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Ceramicx in Paris at the JEC exhibition, March 14-16. We look forward to meeting you and telling you all about our recent advances in heat work for composites. 

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