Engineering and Design Developments

20 April, 2017

Readers will know that our Ceramicx manufacturing site is underdoing a programme of complete renovation and rebuild. Things are progressing very well. The new machine-building hall, for example, is taking on great shape and is well ahead of schedule.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to witness some of the new production technology that is now enabling us to produce multiple orders in parallel for all corners of the world.

A new 3 tonne gantry crane now graces the roof space of our new machinery hall. Nothing can slow a shop floor down more than an immovable object. Our new crane deals with such matters in seconds - mixing and matching materials and tools for various jobs on the extensive shop floor – a conveyor IR oven for the USA, a thermoforming platen for the UK, custom-built IR heaters for China.

The Ceramicx machining and tooling shop is also playing an increasingly role in developing all our products and in building in the superior build quality and extra value that Ceramicx customers enjoy.

Our new Excetek V350G wire-cut electrical discharge machine (EDM), for example, has now completed nearly a year of valuable service. Its abilities complement those of our Hurco-based milling and mill turn bar fed lathe machines. All of these units are designed from SolidWorks and Inventor and programmed using our integrated CAM software and along with many other pieces of equipment are increasing Ceramicx’s abilities in all round metal working.
Next month Ceramicx makes further capital investments in the shape of a new kiln. This will have the capability to process alumina ceramics – an alternative material to our existing steatite production. Both of these materials are primarily used in producing electrical insulating components.

In our HeatWorks magazine 18 (August 2017) we will share chapter and verse about these capabilities and will show how these contract design-and-build manufacturing services – in tooling and steatite and alumina parts - are becoming increasingly popular with customers.

Throughout the course of our 25-year history Ceramicx has never forgotten that manufacturing excellence begins and ends at home. Our reputation rests on the fact that we make it here.

Long may it continue.

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