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Automotive Platen Testing

25 July, 2017

Last week saw the completion of an infrared oven for a Tier One Automotive Supplier in Wales. The 124kW oven will be used to manufacture automotive components and consists of two platens fitted with Ceramicx HTE elements. The oven temperature is controlled from 36 thermocouples in conjunction with a Siemens PLC and Hetronik HC500 power control system. Ceramicx long wave HTE emitters were identified as the most robust and energy efficient solution for the materials which being manufactured.

In today’s world of rising energy costs and pressure to reduce emissions and carbon footprint, the energy efficiency of processing matters a great deal. Ceramicx highly efficient elements coupled with the element selection process to identify the best emitter for each and every material helps drive down the energy consumption of a process. In turn, this helps Ceramicx’s customers to meet, exceed and drive further innovation and efficiency in their industries.

This project further cements Ceramicx’s place in the automotive sector which places high demands on process throughput, reliability, repeatability and energy efficiency. Ceramicx looks forward to engaging with other UK and global automotive suppliers to collaborate and drive infrared process innovation.

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Infrared photography derived from Gethyn Morgan, Green Engineering Services Ltd.

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