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I’ll be Linpac

01 August, 2017

Dr Peter Marshall

Based on the excellent results from the previous project almost 2 years ago, Ceramicx has been commissioned by Linpac for another project. Previously, Ceramicx supplied Linpac with a heating system which was vastly superior to those in use. An independent study conducted by consulting engineer Dr. Robin Kent of Tangram Technology Ltd – made direct comparisons between two thermoforming lines using identical tools, products and cycle times. The Ceramicx based heating systems showed a decrease in the average power drawn from 56.16 kW to 32.85 kW, representing a 41.6% reduction.


The dimensions of the new oven have been tailored to a new size, however the heater and control technology will be identical to the previous project. Ceramicx industry leading SFEH elements controlled by a Hetronik power control unit will be used to give the same processing characteristics and energy savings as those seen in the first project. The Ceramicx oven will have a total of 5 temperature sensors built into the system that can be selected individually or grouped for control purposes. Additionally the heaters can be subdivided into as many as 114 separate zones, thus giving a wide range of control options.

The Ceramicx oven system will feature upper and lower heating platens together with power control systems, enclosures, switchgear, and PLC control.

The oven will be fitted with pneumatic cylinders, operated manually via two solenoid valves with the lower platen used as a counterweight. The control systems offer the processor a choice of both open and closed loop control, together with cost-saving procedures in start-up and fault monitoring in addition to inline process energy control.Denis Zutin, Ceramicx designer on this project, remarked that the project has been in the pipeline for some time, however the template for the design that Ceramicx already had meant tailoring the design was a reasonably straightforward task. Following the halogen automotive platens delivered in June, Denis is looking forward to the fruition of his latest major ceramic heater project.

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