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Ceramicx ushers in a new Era

18 December, 2017

Yesterday was a special day at Ceramicx: We took the opportunity to show off our newly completed factory extension to our families, friends and neighbours. The day stretched into the evening as we hosted and toured many guests from the area through our new facilities

Needless to say the whole day gave us enormous pleasure. Our guests and staff too – judging by the smiles on faces and the engaged nature of the conversations.

Many activities in the past quarter of a century were responsible for bringing Ceramicx to this day; building a business; investing in world-class innovation and creating and sustaining a world-class brand.

The beginning of the year showed us that the time had come to match these business achievements with improvements and expansions to our physical surroundings. Work began in earnest in Spring 2017 and finished on time and within budget later this year. 

I am not often given to superlatives but I must say that the results have far exceeded my hopes and expectations. At Ceramicx, world class production is now housed in a world class built environment, full details of which will be regularly outlined on our website and in our forthcoming issues of HeatWorks magazine.

It is entirely appropriate here to pay tribute to all the efforts of our staff, in particular to the expertise and guidance of my wife and co-director Gráinne Wilson, who played an indispensable part in the design and aesthetics of our wonderful new building and working environment.

Tribute here must also be paid to the nurturing role of our community here in West Cork and, indeed, further afield in respect of Ireland’s ever-growing manufacturing base, which – per capita now leads Europe in many areas.

Ceramicx shares that ‘can do’ spirit that has enabled here us to export over 95% of our production to 65 countries worldwide; to exhibit through the year on four continents and to develop world-leading IR heat technology that is helping change the world’s future.

None of this would be possible without our commercial achievement: Ceramicx business has grown at an average rate of 15% per year for the last 8 years. Growth of 22% was posted in 2016 and growth of 26% has been achieved in the first 6 months of 2017.

So, in the final analysis, let me reserve most of my thanks today for our clients and customers throughout the world. Without your interest and innovation, none of this would be happening.

I therefore raise a glass in our new setting to you - and to our future business together.


Frank Wilson, Managing Director and Ceramicx Founder



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