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Finding The Right Angle

In matters of Infrared process heat it is often vital to conduct exhaustive research and testing of IR emitters and systems before committing to design and build for the client.

Such was the case with a recent Ceramicx aerospace client who require a heating and bonding solution for a right angled carbon fibre aerospace component.

Ceramicx used its R&D resources to map the likely invisible field of Infrared energy required. Ceramicx also used its world-first Herschel test instrument to investigate the likely performance of various grades of carbon fibre material to be used in the project.

Only when Ceramicx and its customer were completely satisfied of the likely outcomes did the customised IR oven design and build proceed.

Indeed the project was founded on the interface and the interaction between the system emitters and the target material.  The extensive Ceramicx track record in heat testing and evaluating various kinds of carbon fibre materials for use in the aerospace industry was key in bringing this work to a successful conclusion.

In the course of the project Ceramicx also designed a new kind of IR emitter and system, bespoke for the needs of the client.

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