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Quartz Tungsten / Halogen Elements

Ceramicx provide extremely high intensity infrared heaters (infrared emitters) using quartz tungsten, or quartz halogen. The tungsten filament used in these quartz tungsten heaters is the porcupine or star type coil, which can be operated at temperatures up to 1500°C (2732°F), with a peak wavelength emission of between 1.6 - 2 microns. It reaches top temperatures within seconds.

Halogen heaters are filled with a halogen gas to allow the supported tungsten filament to reach temperatures as high as 2600°C (4712°F). Peak emissions for these tubes is around 1 micron.

These emitters heat up and cool down within seconds making them particularly suitable for systems requiring short cycle times.  Heat output is also very high making these heaters useful in high heat demand or in fast moving processes (paper, processes etc).

Tubes can be supplied individually or Ceramicx can also manufacture a unitised cooled array known as a FastIR.

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