The Whole Nine Yards

13 April, 2017

Springtime is traditionally a time for review and revision – out with the old and in with the new.

In that spirit Ceramicx is very pleased to celebrate our brand new product catalogue. We have taken stock and drawn up a comprehensive inventory of all the Infrared heating products that we currently manufacture here at our factory.

Ceramicx is a world-class manufacturer of these products. That is to say we have been tried and tested and our manufacturing has been found to be in the top 2% of our industry sector peer group.

Not only are we extremely proud of this achievement, our products – emitters & reflectors, housings, wirings and other components – are the bedrock of our success in Infrared ovens and Infrared machinery build.

Our new product publication runs out at 60 A4 pages – and this makes us pretty confident that we left nothing out.  Our product catalogue is primarily aimed at the busy working engineer and specifier; someone who has a good idea about their Infrared heating needs but who requires a comprehensive reference work and check list.


We recommend that you contact us here at Ceramicx for your free hard copy of the product guide– a handy reference and desk tool.

However, for the paperless enthusiasts the online and download link is here

Remember - Ceramicx is here to field all of your questions and enquiries about Infrared heating. We manufacture a great variety of all three types of IR emitter but there will always be exceptions. Please do not hesitate to contact us on any IR heating matter and we will be very pleased to answer all of your enquiries.

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